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What’s guerilla marketing? According to the dictionary it’s

innovative, unconventional, and low-cost marketing techniques aimed at obtaining maximum exposure for a product.

Sounds like it’s just up the alley for our consignment and resale shops, right? Like these two Continue Reading »

Have you ever craved unique point-of-purchase items in your consignment or resale shop?

Things that will make your shop a destination not only for the eco-savvy, but for the folks who like having something made by people, something that didn’t come from the Big Boxes or wasn’t “Made in China”?

Ever longed to be able to attend the gift shows to find something that will build traffic in your shop, give you word-of-mouth, and generate profits? But can’t find the time or money to get to these shows?

Etsy shop, Macy's Herald Square.Well of course you have. But finding a wholesale source for, let’s say, ombre boho necklaces or peacock feather earrings or dragonfly stained glass suncatchers isn’t easy.

But it could be. Have you explored Etsy’s wholesale marketplace? It’s a way for retailers (that’s you!) to connect with Etsy sellers who can offer their goods at a wholesale price. Here’s a taste (notice Etsy uses Pinterest for this; something I’ve been suggesting YOU do!) of what’s trending this spring and summer.

Why, you can even ask Etsy merchants if they will create custom items for your shop!

Interesting fact: Macy’s flagship store even has an Etsy department. Something for you to explore for your consignment or resale shop? I think so. Let us know, in the comments, if this is working for you.

NARTS Conference is the eagerly-anticipated annual gathering of resale shop owners and managers, but many folks worry if they have to close, they will miss business and offend shoppers. Here’s our Too Good to be Threw Best Advice Continue Reading »

160427 television pixabay… but were embarrassed to ask?  I know the feeling.

In this day and age, it’s downright laughable to not know how to shut your ringing iPhone off. Geez Louise, it isn’t even on, so why is it ringing?

I mean, there are things that everyone else seems to know. Where can I find answers Continue Reading »

Instagram prop for your consignment shop! This is my friend Bill. He’s standing outside the Historical Society of Sarasota County‘s 1902 church, and the promoters of a visitor attraction, Tour de SRQ, have offered him and his buddies the loan of Continue Reading »

Green Eileen used-clothing storeIf you’re a womenswear resale or consignment shop, no doubt you’ve encountered Eileen Fisher clothing. Simple, timeless, well-made (I have a favorite tank top that’s at least 20 years old and still looking fresh and elegant!), it’s a hit with fashionable customers.

But did you know that Eileen Fisher also sells used

Continue Reading »

Animals made of play dough. Would your resale customers like a recipe?I’m a great believer in reminding your browsers, customers, and suppliers about your business as often, in as many places and in as many ways as possible. And one of the best, cheapest, most touchy-feely ways to do this? Give them Continue Reading »


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