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Moving an Elf on the Shelf around

your resale, thrift or consignment shop during the holidays can be a fun promotion, enhance your shoppers’ exploration of your shop, lead to merriment and make your social media lively, loving… and local.

Along with simply moving the elf, you could

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Holy Snowman! Here it is, almost Black Friday, and WHAT will you do to entice and delight your customers?

If you’ve put off planning (who could blame you?) and have little time or money to devote to Black Friday and/or “Small Business Saturday”, some quick solutions:

First, refreshments. Because Continue Reading »

Yes, you want your shop to look festive all the holiday season long. No, you don’t have much time, money, or space.

Well, here’s some inspiration you (with, maybe, a little help from friends & family!) can do in one hour, and Continue Reading »

151106 digital overloadDoes this sound like you… or your staff?

when we’re tempted to procrastinate, diversions are only a click away… knowledge workers in the United States waste 25% of their time dealing with their huge and growing data streams, costing the economy $997 billion annually.

If so, this Harvard Business Review article may motivate you to re-think that “always-on” Internet connection in your shop’s workstations.

If your shop’s web site has a link to any of HowToConsign.com‘s pages and articles (“How to Prepare Your Items” is a favorite!), or to any one of HowToConsign.org‘s blog posts (maybe “9 Tips to Avoid Consignment Hassles with your Fashion Apparel” or “9 Tips to Avoid Consignment Hassles with your Home Decor” would pre-educate incoming suppliers?) just send me the URL of your page, and get this frameable print (without the watermark, of course) for free!

Oh yeh, and

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Shop local... for true compliments! TGtbT.com found this!SO many benefits to shopping local. Not just for shopkeepers, of course, but also for consumers.

For one thing, where else can shoppers get real sincere compliments? (Wouldn’t you love this welcome mat?*)

And what better time to use your marketing dollars to stir up some local loyalty, than before holiday shopping gets going?

Need some help getting the message across in a productive way?

A great PDF Continue Reading »

There’s nothing more “local” than resale, consignment, and thrift shops.

After all, we’re not only locally-owned, but

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