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We love it as “the 4th of July” ’cause that says summertime,  barbeques and picnics and beaches and watermelon… but

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Crystal Stephen, owner of Plum Consignment in Denver, is one of the cleverest marketeers I know. Look how she’s used her Continue Reading »

So you want more folks to follow your social media, use your app, think about your consignment, resale or thrift shop every day?

Here’s Continue Reading »

Would stamping the money that floats around your local area be a good choice for your shop?

They say it’s legal.Stamping money with your consignment or resale shop message?

Just, whatever you do… don’t Continue Reading »

5 subject lines that made me clickI get a LOT of emails.

Most of them, from people who want me to open their emails.

So I’ve become somewhat of a connoisseur of subject lines. And because I love my resale sisters and brothers, I save those subject lines that I

simply couldn’t resist opening.

Here’s the top 5. Can you Continue Reading »

I’m not easily freaked out, at least I don’t think I am. But some sights in resale and consignment shops make me shiver… or at least, look in another direction while swallowing hard.

First up, Continue Reading »

TGtbT.com says, A see-through shoe organizer can keep consignment and resale tools tucked away but easily visible.

Using a shoe hanger thingie, says TGtbT.com, to store tagging gun, markers, markdown cheat sheet, sweater defuzzer etc is perfect for your resale or consignment shop. Everyone can see where your tools are, and can put them back where they belong so the next worker doesn’t have to hunt for it!

Thanks to The Nest for this photo.


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