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Tell the truth… aren’t you happier to see things go OUT the door than see them come IN?

Your biggest job is selling, and so should your consignment shop web site's.

Your consignment shop’s web site’s biggest job? Motivate BUYERS.

I think any consignment or resale shopkeeper who’s been open more than a week can agree that we Continue Reading »

Resalers often end up with merchandise that just isn’t worth a lot…

as is.

Sometimes, the value of a donation is all about MARKETING!

Sometimes, the value is all in the MARKETING!

Maybe you’re a buy-outright who bought a big batch of goods, some of which doesn’t seem worth the space. Or a consignment shop with Continue Reading »

Not that we wish to rush the season, of course, but

as shopkeepers, we need to get folks thinking about bringing in time-limited goods earlier rather than later. (Don’t you HATE it when Continue Reading »

Kate once again, out and about, coming across some cool ideas for resale and consignment shops.

This time, it was at a shop Continue Reading »

Have you ever tried to put together a great outfit on a mannequin… only to have the belt droop like a over-washed 1980’s sweater?


Continue Reading »

Kate helps consignment, resale, and thrift shops succeed

No, Kate’s not a Galactic Roller Derby Queen. Alas.

There’s 2 things that consignment, resale, and thrift shopkeepers know about me (just in case you don’t know me, click here)

One, I insist price tags

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