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I was early this Saturday for a meeting, and decided to stop by a small consignment shop I’d visited before.

Theda Bara would have been the ideal consignment shop shopper!

Theda Bara, shown here in 1917, would have loved to see your Weird & Wonderful shop racks!

It’s a perfectly-fine shop, and I’ve bought here before, so I thought I might find a treasure or two.

What I found?

Continue Reading »

Nothing better than showing pix of your current merchandise on your social media, is there?

Well, yeh there is. Showing a little Continue Reading »

How to decide whether to fire a new employee, on the TGtbT.com blog, AuntieKate.wordpress.comFretting over whether the wisest course of action would be to keep working with… or dismiss… a new employee?

As you may know, all my employees were hired on a trial basis, where (as I put it) “We’re Continue Reading »

I love this (lightly-edited) quote from Shauna Niequist and I should have posted it here on my birthday. But it was International Resale Day, and I was busy doing my bit for the industry by shopping my little heart out. Sad to say, I didn’t find any pink shoes, but that’s okay. It gives me a chance to keep shopping, and to keep making God laugh.
Make God belly laugh

Lots of consignment and resale shopkeepers would love to touch up their merchandise photos before they post them on social media, but don’t because they’re busy and it seems overwhelming to work with photo-editing software.

So I did an example or two while chowing down on a curry chicken wrap (yum). Got this entire process done before Continue Reading »

Welcome to the in-between season in your consignment or resale shop:

not much summer left since you clearanced it, and not enough fall in yet to make the shop look wonderful.

It’s enough to make your shop seem empty and your merchandise a bit lost and forlorn. But we have some simple solutions you can accomplish Continue Reading »

Would you like to have a promotional event in your shop, but can’t think of a theme? File this idea away, especially if you sell kidswear, which is naturally cute as a button. This approach could also work to highlight petite sizes or maternity or even Continue Reading »


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