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Cluster for impact

A “Simple solution” photo tip for the vast array of home decor items in Continue Reading »

Killing doorknobs

Sometimes when you’re taking a quick photo for your social media, you really don’t want to take the time to set up a backdrop.

That’s understandable. But kill the doorknob.


Case in point: Continue Reading »

Need lots of shelf space, but only want to invest in a few of those plastic shelving units? Here’s Continue Reading »

Many consignment and resale shopkeepers are attracted to shops which are not the standard unobstructed room but rather contain a handful of small rooms. It might be the appeal of a sweet cottage or the reasonable rent of a suite of offices. But are these individual rooms too limiting…or can they actually be taken advantage of to make a shop which invites exploration and discovery, which tempts browsers to turn into buyers? Continue Reading »

Ran across this report recently… interesting way to approach your customer service.


…customers who are extremely satisfied — those who provide the highest rating of overall satisfaction with a company’s products or services — can be classified into two distinct groups: those who are Continue Reading »

Help your consignment or resale manager succeedDoing some research for a consultation client store, I found these 6 steps in developing a manager that all shops could use:

I would love to have a quarter for every new manager I’ve seen flail and flounder in his/her new job. Since in most cases each was promoted because he/she is a great individual contributor but has little if any management experience, it’s not too surprising when that person takes a while to find his/her footing.

Continue Reading »

For many years. Kate has written a monthly column for the resale industry’s members-only newsletter. Now, she’s gathered 14 of the most profit-driven columns into a collection. An excellent business reference, and perfect for staff reading as well.The Best of Growing your Business by Kate Holmes

Growing your Business with Kate

Twinkle with enthusiasm
It’s a beautiful day: Time to get out and about!
Can you believe she Continue Reading »


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