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The walls of your consignment or resale shop can be the most valuable real estate in your location… if you use them well!

Or do your walls look like Continue Reading »

If I could treat all my resale friends to a piece of celebratory cake today for International Resale Day, I would! But instead, here’s Continue Reading »

Caption this photo.

Seriously, think of a caption for this photo.

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It's gotta go sale tactics for consignment and resale shops, from TGtbT.comBack a while, we ran a poll on Auntie Kate the Blog. Here’s what consignment & resale shopkeepers thought about that Continue Reading »

A thrift and resale alliance has some good ideas for youOne woman has started a “thrift store alliance”… which looks like it could be attracting consignment and resale shops as well… in a Florida county.

Watch Continue Reading »

It’s hard to relax when you’ve got nagging questions about your consignment, thrift or resale shop. If you want to dive into a thrilling read at the beach, Auntie Kate has some titles to suggest. Continue Reading »

When you want to create some interest in markdowns in your consignment or resale or thrift, how will you let the public know?

Not like Continue Reading »


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