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It’s best to use the same business name for all your social media outlets.

Nameck, name checked

But it can gobble up the best part of a day to check availability of a name you’d like to use, right? Like SerendipitySue is available at Facebook but not on Twitter, okay at Google but not WordPress or eBay. What a LOT of work.

Fret no longer! Continue Reading »

After all, some Auntie Kate messages are, ahem, Too Good to be Threw!

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Deja Vuesday

where you can visit a gently-used, blog post in case you missed it the first time. It’s even better the second time around.

WHAT’s productive when?

That’s a tricky question in our industry. After all, we have a minute-to-minute balancing act between Continue Reading »

Resale shop Rust&FoundThere are many ways to participate in the consignment, resale and thrift industry. Here’s one that might intrigue you:


in Canal Fulton OH. Rust&Found has a storefront… that is open for one 3-day weekend a month… the rest of the time is finding things to sell, prepping them, even re-inventing them. (Take a look at her Before & Afters!)

Looks like a great way to be a junkin’ fool… and have the shop support your habit! I so admire industry peers like this: re-purposing, saving useful things, and

showing the public how wonderful recycling can be!


Family joke (yes, I grew up in the consignment industry): Customer comes into Continue Reading »

The big news? Jeans are out, yoga pants and leggings are in.rEMEMBER fARRAH AND BELL BOTTOMS?

Will your prices on denim… and your prices on lululemon… need to be

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By now, consignment and resale and thrift shopkeepers are

working their butts off

and in need of

15 Easy Ways To Beat Anxiety Once & For All

Read the article.

Working one's butt off in consignment shopsThen, when you’re utilizing way #13, think about how wonderful it would be if working as hard as we do

really DID slim our derrieres.

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