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Pakaways, from TGtbT.comJust about now, every resale, consignment, or thrift shopkeeper is SICK of the left-over, unsold seasonal clearance goods on the sales floor. And ready to call the shop’s favorite charities to

get them out of our sight.

But wait! You need to check through these things first.

What would make a good pakaway?

And why on earth would you Continue Reading »

After all, some Auntie Kate messages are, ahem, Too Good to be Threw!

Click the image for more Deja Vuesday posts that are too good to be threw from TGtbT.com

Deja Vuesday

where you can visit a gently-used, recycled, and even restyled blog post in case you missed it the first time. It’s even better the second time around.

What do you do if you can’t easily and quickly make a page on your web site (or goodness gracious, don’t even have a web site for your consignment, thrift, resale shop!), but

you have something you really want to tell folks

MORE folks than just those who Continue Reading »

Are you in the business of consignment, resale, or thrift?
Here’s over 100 fresh ideas to Continue Reading »

Where does discarded clothing end up?

Continue Reading »

The walls of your consignment or resale shop can be the most valuable real estate in your location… if you use them well!

Or do your walls look like Continue Reading »

If I could treat all my resale friends to a piece of celebratory cake today for International Resale Day, I would! But instead, here’s Continue Reading »

Caption this photo.

Seriously, think of a caption for this photo.

Continue Reading »


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