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Shopper Stoppers

Put down that gun.

The tagging gun, of course. Or the broom, dishcloth, your phone.

Watch the next 6 potential customers who walk through your shop door. Who’s wandering aimlessly… and who wanders right out again, never Continue Reading »

Your can have a promotional event for a few hours or a day… or you can hold it

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100 dollar notes printed on sheet.It’s like a license to print money… the ability you have to turn browsers into loyal and consistent customers. Store Bucks, BeBack Bucks, dollars-off coupons… used wisely and well, can have your consignment or resale shop

rolling in the dough.

Just imagine all the ways

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My mother used to wake us kids up with “Rise and Shine!” My best friend’s mom preferred “Time to get bright-eyed and bushy-tailed!”

Did YOU Continue Reading »

Here’s an email I opened IMMEDIATELY, even though I KNEW the shop was virtually 3,038 miles 43 h without traffic (you can tell I Googled it, huh?) from my home.  Just such a neat email subject line that I can’t resist sharing it with you.

“Did you

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After all, some Auntie Kate messages are, ahem, Too Good to be Threw!

Click the image for more Deja Vuesday posts that are too good to be threw from TGtbT.com

Deja Vuesday

where you can visit a gently-used, blog post in case you missed it the first time. It’s even better the second time around.

It’s Back to School time! And all of us, no matter how long it’s been since we were a “real” student, think of this time of year as the season to Continue Reading »

Start the e-conversation with a text to join optionA Functional Friday and 5-Minute tip from Too Good to be Threw:

Love to take merchandise pix with your iPhone Continue Reading »


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